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Monica Albuja


She is an expert in coaching, leadership, neuroscience, neurolinguistics, talent management and relational communication.

With a previous experience in the business world of more than 15 years, holding positions of responsibility as Marketing Director and developing a professional career in multinationals such as Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Grupo Campari and Meliá Hotels.

More than 11 years ago, he founded his company out of his passion for exploring how, at the intersection of communication, neuroscience and coaching, human transformation is born to modify, promote and improve the way we work, communicate and relate to each other. with each other and thus lead our lives, jobs and companies.

As the founder of her company, built to enhance human value, she provides clients with in-depth research and insights to quickly understand strategic opportunities and improve their business while increasing their bottom line.  

Works effectively with many of the top companies and CEOs,  team leaders and executive teams.

His coaching clients verify a qualified increase in their professional and personal lives, demonstrating an expansion in responsibility, leadership, efficiency, productivity, happiness, and a well-balanced state of mind.


MCC (Master Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coach Federation) with more than 4000 hours of experience in executive coaching and team coaching.

Official ICF Mentor Coach and Supervisor Coach

Professor of Coaching at EAE Business School and ACTP Coaching Programs

Hogan Assesment Leadership Certification

Senior ontological coaching certified by the most prestigious Coaching Schools in this discipline. International Master by Newfield Consulting (Rafael Echeverría) with specialization in physicality and emotionality by Newfield Network (Julio Olalla).

Master Practitioner NPL by Richard Brandler School.

Internationally graduated in systemic and organizational coaching and neuroscience applied to the world of coaching. Senior Coach specialized in Team Coaching and Team Mentoring with Giuseppe Meli (Master Coach and Creator of Menslab).

In addition, he has trained in various courses and workshops with Humberto Maturana and Jimena Davila (Chile) and Teri-E Belf (the first World Master Coach) (USA)

With an enormous sense of responsibility and value in his legacy as a coach, he contributes to ICF* by working on excellence, improving the quality of present and future coaching as a Mentor Coach and Supervisor for coaches who want a new ICF credential in their knowledge. and wisdom of coaching (ACC, PCC and MCC) and in the Program

ACTP of Leadership and Coaching at EAE Business School and HUNE Institute

*International Coaching Federation

Creator of the leadership model “Leading the New”

He writes opinion articles for different media outlets (El Economista, Elle, Glamour, ABC, In Style or Human Capital, among others) and gives conferences on communication, motivation, talent development, leadership and management for national and international companies.

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Calle Velazquez 12, 28001 Madrid

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